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Port of Tyne Car Storage Facility


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Client: Port of Tyne

Project: The creation of a new secure car storage facility for Port of Tyne.

Cost: £2.5M

The creation of a new secure car storage facility, which was to be linked to the existing Tyne Car Terminal storage site.

The opportunity

The port required an extension to the existing car terminal to provide additional storage and to create greater operational flexibility at both first point and last point of rest locations (FPR and LPR). The objective was to create an additional 10 acres of car storage on this site, which provided 3,143 parking spaces.

The challenge

The challenge was to link the new site with the existing car terminal and car storage areas, whilst the client continued to use the existing storage facility throughout the duration of the project. The two sites were separated by an internal Port access road and the River Don. A new culvert crossing had to be constructed over the River Don, which is an inter-tidal waterway, and required a Marine Management Organisation licence. The end user requirements changed during the project resulting in significant changes to the scope and Total Project Integration successfully negotiated the cost and time impact with the contractor. We produced timely progress and cost reports at all stages of the project. Amendments to phasing of the works were agreed to allow areas to be brought into operation prior to final completion, benefiting both the port and the end user. We also worked closely with the port’s operational teams to minimise the impact of the works on day-to-day operations.

The outcome

This successful project now links the main car terminal with the new storage facility and provides the enhanced operational capacity and flexibility our client required.

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