By closely managing and smoothing a potentially fraught process, TPI’s input can significantly reduce the stress of moving and allow Clients to remain focussed on their core business functions.

Typically a non-core business function for many businesses, we offer a bespoke Move Management Service tailored to our Client’s relocation requirements.

Your dedicated TPI Move Manager (supplemented by in-house TPI Project Managers) will work closely with you to formulate a move strategy captured in a specific Relocation Schedule listing all tasks, requirements, milestone dates move and delivery logistics.

Leading, directing and responding to every stage of the move process TPI reference each action back to the agreed Relocation Schedule, supplementing it with additional information as it becomes available during regular Client updating sessions.

We act as the primary point of control and accountability, simplify the communication process and provide financial forecasting, certification, programme feedback and management information allowing the relocating business to ‘stick to the knitting.’

TPI Services include:

  • Dedicated Move Manager who provides full support until relocation is complete
  • Acting as a catalyst in the development of a relocation strategy
  • Implementing a detailed Relocation Schedule
  • Relocation cost forecasting and monitoring against agreed budgets
  • Managing tender processes for fit-out and IT consultants, move contractors, furniture and other suppliers
  • Detailed progress reporting and certifying payments
  • Post completion ‘lessons learnt’ session and final outcome report